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Best of ASH 2018 in lymphomas and CLL

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Simon Rule, expert of session 'Best of ASH 2018 in lymphomas and CLL '

Simon Rule
University Hospitals Plymouth
Plymouth, United Kingdom

Discussant: Astrid Pavlovsky
Clinical Research Center - FUNDALEU, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Question: What is the treatment of choice in cases with primary refractory ABC type and GCB DLBCL cases?

Answer: For a young fit patient you would be giving salvage chemotherapy and aim to proceed to an autograft. There are a number of regimens with no one any better. We use R-GDP because it does not require the patient to be in hospital. For older patients there is no standard at all. The approach is the same whether the disease is ABC or GCB sub-type. [Simon Rule]

Jan 2019
18:15-19:00 CET