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BCY5 WORKSHOP FOR PATIENTS AND PATIENT ADVOCATES: What you should know about breast cancer in young women


Chair: O.Pagani, CH 


Breast cancer in young women is a complex disease, occurring when these women are at the peak of their reproductive years, family life and careers. Being a somewhat rare disease, the optimal management of these patients is based on scientific data derived from clinical trials mostly conducted on older women. Many aspects of breast cancer in young women are therefore poorly understood (e.g. etiology and biology among others) and research is much needed in this field. In addition, young women have many years ahead of them to suffer the long-term effects of treatment and specific survivorship issues (fertility and job among others).
The international health situation forced us to turn the in-person BREAST CANCER IN YOUNG WOMEN FIFTH INTERNATIONAL CONSENSUS SYMPOSIUM into a virtual event. It has been a challenging opportunity for updating the available evidence on this field and generating future research concepts and collaborations. We have done our best to design and build a virtual meeting able to keep the interactive, international, and collaborative spirit. 

It covers:
- challenges and opportunities in different cultural and economic settings;
- follow-up care;
- guidelines;
- challenges in the management of ABC in young women. 

It includes a Consensus Session that forms the basis for a Consensus Guidelines manuscript to be published after the live Symposium. We hope that you decide to join us online and contribute to further develop the understanding and treatment of this disease.

Olivia Pagani
Chair of the Workshop

Registration for the workshop is mandatory but free (link below).
During the live streaming of the event (3 October 2020), live and pre-recorded sessions have been webcasted and participants have been able to discuss the topics with the involved experts via chat.
All the content have been recorded and is accessible via the e-ESO website after the live event (registration to access the contents will remain open for one year).

Registration will be confirmed by e-mail.

Organisation and Programme: Francesca Marangoni - fmarangoni@eso.net - +39 02 85464525
Faculty: Dolores Knupfer - dknupfer@eso.net - +41 91 8200952
Registrations: Corinne Hall - chall@eso.net - +39 02 85464522

Participants will be issued a certificate of attendance (minimum attendance: 75% of the entire course). An online evaluation questionnaire will need to be completed in order to get the certficate that will be issued by email. 

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Instructions on how to use e-ESO to participate in this event 

The course will remain available until OCTOBER 2021.


Chair: Ann H. Partridge

Chair: Olivia Pagani

Expert: Valerio Arcangelo Vitale

Expert: Rossella Graffeo

Expert: Gabriella Bianchi Micheli

Expert: Giancarlo Pruneri

Expert: Ann H. Partridge

Chair: Olivia Pagani

Chair: Olivia Pagani

Chair: Fatima Cardoso

Expert: Antonella Richetti

Expert: Francesco Meani

Expert: Antonella Richetti

Expert: Elzbieta Senkus

Expert: Fatima Cardoso

Expert: Francesco Meani

Expert: Lorenzo Rossi

Chair: Olivia Pagani


Chair: Tanja Spanic

Chair: Jennifer Merschdorf

Discussant: Stacy Lewis