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About e-ESO

The European School of Oncology offers oncology e-learning courses and sessions via e-ESO (www.e-ESO.net), a platform dedicated to providing distance learning material in the form of:

- E-sessions (live and recorded);
- Slides and videos from ESO's events.

The material is divided into three categories:

On demand materials (past live sessions that have been recorded and can be viewed online);

Downloadable PDF presentations from past ESO events;

Future live sessions (scheduled sessions that will be presented live online at an indicated date and time - participants can interact with the speakers during the sessions).


e-ESO sessions are free, educational sessions conducted live on the internet and are offered without any commercial sponsorship. Selected sessions have CME accreditation.

Selected e-ESO educational materials have been organised into PATHWAYS: a series of sessions on a specific topic that provide a general overview. After completing a pathway, the attendee will be able to download a specific certificate of attendance.

e-ESO sessions are categorized both by topic and by type:

- Grandround Sessions - sessions on hot-topics
- Highlights Sessions - key takeaways from major international events
- From ESO Events - speeches given during selected ESO conferences
- Debate Sessions - discussions about differing opinions
- Oncoreview Sessions - balanced and comprehensive overview of a specific topic
- Clinical Case Sessions - discussions of clinical cases
- Oncology Basics - sessions on the basics of oncology
- Social Media Sessions - streamed sessions organised in collaboration with We Oncologists & ESO Presents)


We are grateful to our precious collaborators for their valuable contribution to the e-ESO programme:

Department Coordinator: Marco Siano, Riviera-Chablais Hospital, Vaud-Valais, Rennaz, Switzerland

Advisory board:
Ramon Andrade Bezerra De Mello, Fed Univ. São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Luca Bertolaccini, European Institute of Oncology, Milan, Italy
Iskra Daskalova, European Medical Centre, Moscow, Russia
Berardino De Bari, CHRU "Jean Minjoz", Besançon, France
Jonas Feilchenfeldt, Riviera-Chablais Hospital, Vaud-Valais, Switzerland
Pierfrancesco Franco, University of Turin School of Medicine, Turin, Italy
Wendy McInally, Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Gilberto Morgan, Skåne University Hospital, Lund, Sweden
Astrid Pavlovsky, Clinical Research Center - Fundaleu, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ines Vaz Luis, Gustave Roussy Institute, Villejuif, France

Team of discussants:
Angelo Delmonte, Romagna Scientific Institute for the Study and Cure of Cancer, Mendola, Italy
Patricia Fox, University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
Margaret Hutka, St George's University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London, United Kingdom
Laura Locati, National Cancer Institute, Milan, Italy
Giancarlo Pruneri, National Cancer Institute, IRCCS Foundation, Milan, Italy
Mikkel Rosendahl, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark
Piergiorgio Solli, Forlì Hospital, Forlì, Italy
Wojciech Wysocki, Maria Sklodowska-Curie Memorial Institute Of Oncology, Kracow, Poland

Team of ESCO Graduates:
Assia Konsoulova Kirova, Complex Oncological Center, Burgas, Bulgaria
Ehab Mahmoud, King Salman North West Armed Forces Hospital, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia
Nicola Rocco, University of Naples Federico II, Naples, Italy
Narmin Talibova, National Oncology Center, Baku, Azerbaigian

Executive Manager: Francesca Marangoni fmarangoni@eso.net
Assistant: Mariachiara Deleo mdeleo@eso.net
Assistant: Sarah Goldman sgoldman@eso.net


Participants are invited to take advantage of the available materials as follows:
- Live e-sessions - the details of the live webcasts are indicated in every future session;
- On demand materials session - available sessions enlisted on the site;
- Slides - available after an ESO event (depending on permission received from the authors).


Questions can be sent directly to our experts BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the live sessions. Questions received before and during the scheduled e-sessions will be answered during the live session! Questions received after the sessions will be answered by email.


Registration to this site is free of charge but highly recommended in order to allow us to provide a high-quality personalised service. Your registration will allow us to:

- Provide your CME accreditation and certificates
- Provide a summary of the sessions you have attended and your personal CME track record;
- Inform you automatically about the next live sessions;
- Consider the areas of interest in establishing the future programme;
- Provide direct access to any future live or past registered session.

How to register

- If this is your first visit, please enter your details by clicking on Register tab link in the Login Section;
- If you have registered to this site already, please enter your e-mail address and personal password in the Login section;
- If you have forgotten your personal password, you can retrieve it both here and in the login tab.
Your registration will be confirmed automatically by e-mail to the given e-mail address. The confirmation will remind the e-mail address and chosen password and should be saved in your files for future reference.

Minimum System Requirements to access the sessions

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e-ESO Executive Manager: Francesca Marangoni

European School of Oncology, Via Turati, 29, IT-20121 Milano, Italy Ph +39 02 85464525, Fax +39 02 85464545, fmarangoni@eso.net

Handling of personal data

Under the European Regulation 679/2016 which refers to personal data protection, please be informed herewith that:

Personal data which you have supplied to us will be used in accordance with the content of the regulation UE 679/2016 in order to complete the service(s) requested by you. The provision of data is not mandatory (e-ESO is an open access resource): registration to the e-ESO website is not requested, but it will enable you to:

- Get access to CME accreditation and certificates;
- Have access to a summary of the sessions you have attended and to your personal CME track record;
- Have access to your own agenda of saved sessions;
- Be informed about the next e-ESO live sessions, the upload of new e-ESO materials and about other ESO educational offers and you will automatically be enlisted in our mailing list. If you are not interested, you can unsubscribe from the service by clicking on the relevant link in the first message you receive).

If consent to use your data is not given, we will not be able to enable you to receive these services.

Your data will be managed in relation to your specific request and are related to the normal activity of a relationship with customers / users of services or potential ones; no mass marketing activity is envisaged, except for specific purposes related to ESO educational activities (specific consent to be provided).
Data retention (which in any case may not exceed 10 years from the last update) is linked to the existence of a supply of goods / services, to legal obligations or to specific treatment needs of which you are a part of. It is your right to request the deletion of your data when the same right is not in opposition to any legal obligations.

The provided data will be communicated to collaborators appointed by ESO in order to complete the services requested, to banks or credit institutions for the processing and management of payments, to public institutions and public security bodies for legal obligations linked to the tasks assigned to ESO, and to any third parties only as a result of their role in the fulfilment of the services you are requesting to ESO.
You have the right to obtain the cancellation, limitation, updating, portability, and opposition to the processing of your personal data as indicated in articles 15,16,17,18,19,20 , 21 and 22 of the European Regulation 679/2016.

The data controller is the European School of Oncology, Via Turati 29, Milan, Italy. Protection Data Manager: Dott. Alberto Costa.
Any privacy-related issues can be addressed to: privacy@eso.net

Website policy

These terms apply to the e-ESO website and its users. ESO may decide at any time to amend these terms and post the modified document on the website. ESO will not be liable for any modification, suspension or termination of the service, or loss of related information. Users assume all risk for any damage to their computer system or loss of data that results from obtaining any content from the website, including any damages resulting from computer viruses. The content is provided on a 'as is', 'as available' and 'with all faults' basis.


The content of the website is intended as an informational and educational tool. It is mainly designed for oncology professionals and other physicians interested in oncology. With the aim of disseminating information, the website will propose contents provided by third-parties. However, ESO has no responsibility to whether this content, or the content of linked websites, is accurate or complete. Even though the website includes scientific and medical information, it is not designed to provide medical advice and no responsibility can be taken to whether the medical information is complete, exhaustive or accurate. Patients and the general public visiting the website should always seek professional medical advice.

Clinical Cases Disclaimer

The intent of the clinical cases discussions is exclusively educational and neither ESO nor the involved Experts and Discussants can take responsibility for individual treatment/management decisions nor that considerations were complete, exhaustive or accurate. The drugs and the medical interventions mentioned in the discussions are not the only therapeutic options, but simply reflect the personal choices of the presenter. ESO's intent is not to provide paradigms but to debate real issues in order to improve the level of its educational offer. The clinical case presentations are not meant to provide medical advice and patients and the general public visiting the website should always seek professional medical advice.


The website contains presentations aimed at providing new knowledge and competences. These materials remain property of the authors or ESO respectively. Each author continues to retain the rights to reproduce the specific images and text which he/she provided. Users are granted permission to view and, if permitted by the author, to download the presentations. In any case, for any use other than personal, they must seek permission from ESO (Via Turati, 29 - Milan, Italy). Presentations from any single author or multiple authors may not be reproduced without the written consent of that author. In turn, authors are required to ascertain and respect the copyright property of the information they provide in their presentations and to include the source of such information. ESO is not responsible for any injury and/or damage to persons or property as a matter of a products liability, negligence or otherwise, or from any use or operation of any methods, products, instructions or ideas contained in the material published in these presentations. Because of the rapid advances in medical sciences, we recommend that independent verification of diagnoses and drugs dosages should be made. Every effort has been made to faithfully reproduce the material as submitted. However, no responsibility is accepted for omissions. ESO does not endorse any opinions expressed in the presentations.

Subtitles and transcriptions

Subtitles and transcriptions are available for selected materials for purpose of helping users understand the contents of the educational sessions.
Uncertain words have been indicated with ?? before and after the part.
Parts that could not be understood at all have been indicated as [Audio Not Clear].

Every effort has been made to faithfully reproduce the audio of the sessions as recorded. However, no responsibility is accepted for mistakes or omissions. ESO does not endorse any opinions expressed in the presentations.