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23 Nov 2017 - 18:15-19:00 CET
E-session 418

Expert: Ephrat Levy-Lahad, Medical Genetics Institute, Jerusalem, Israel Discussant: Iskra Daskalova, European Medical Centre, Moscow, Russia
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30 Nov 2017 - 18:15-19:00 CET
E-session 419

Expert: Franco Cavalli, Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland, Bellinzona, Switzerland Discussant: Rifat Atun, Harvard University , Boston, MA, USA
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06 Dec 2017 - 18:15-19:00 CET
E-session 419000

Expert: Nicoletta Colombo, European Institute of Oncology, Milan, Italy Discussant: Bradley J. Monk, Arizona Oncology (US Oncology Network), Phoenix, AZ, USA
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07 Dec 2017 - 18:15-19:00 CET
E-session 420

Expert: Isabelle Ray-Coquard, Centre Léon Bérard, Lyon, France Discussant: Michael Seckl, Hammersmith Campus, London, United Kingdom
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14 Dec 2017 - 18:15-19:00 CET
E-session 421

Discussant: Benjamin Besse, Institut Gustave Roussy, Villejuif, France Discussant: Giulio Rossi, Modena Hospital, Modena, Italy Discussant: Jordi Remon Masip, Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology, Barcelona, Spain Discussant: Angelo Delmonte, Romagna Scientific Institute for the Study and Cure of Cancer, Meldola, Italy Discussant: Andrea Riccardo Filippi, University of Turin, Turin, Italy
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